Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer of Hate 2008

Me and some of my friends set up a show which we do yearly called SUMMER OF HATE.

The show is an attempt to build strength in our regional scene, but having 1/2 bands from the region and 1/2 bands form out of the area (which are some of the best HC has to offer).

I offer no shameless promotion here. Since the show is NOT FOR PROFIT, how could I? The people who put it on will make no profit, and all $$$'s made will go towards paying the bands. And if we do not make enough we will pay the bands what we promised them out of our own pockets.

We made sure the show cost no more than $6. We did this for a few reasons, 1st because gas is so damn high. 2nd because we wanted to show kids that you CAN do a show for $6. I see shows that have 5 bands, 4 of which crappy locals, and the promoters try and charge $15! This show stands as a testament to all that there are still people who care about the scene and no making a profit, and hopefully it will inspire more kids to selflessly book shows in our region.

Also, we realize that if gas prices continue to escalate, the days of big shows like this will be long gone. So we hope that this show will really be a great time because we do not know if we will be doing this show next year, and even if we do. we do not know if we will be able to bring in out of state bands like STOUT, WISDOM IN CHAINS, and KNOW THE SCORE.

The show's line up is: WISDOM IN CHAINS, CROWD DETERRENT, STOUT, KNOW THE SCORE, UNREAL CITY, RIGHT IDEA, TASTE THE STEEL, POUND FOR POUND, TRICERATOPS, DEATHRIGHT, BACKHAND, NO END IN SIGHT. Show starts @ 6:00pm, it is ALL AGES. There will be 2 stages and a schedule of set times posted. You can get more info at hyttp://www.myspace.com/summerofhate2008

Come out and have a great time with us!