Saturday, November 6, 2010

More news/videos/etc

RACE RIOT will be doing a show for the holidays. it will be their 1st show since they played their one and only show back in November of last year. It will be a big one so keep your eyes peeled!

Good friends BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT will be playing in Pittsburgh on Friday the 12th of November w/ ICEBERG, GLADIATOR and more. The show is at THE SUBCULTURE. Check the  Some good bands that are worthy of your support! Check the following link for show info: THE SUBCULTURE

Lastly, CREEPOUT has posted a video commercial for their full length album "Tribe Called Hardcore" w/ some fun footage and DOMINATE has also posted a video from their "Just Chillin' At The Backyard" EP (which you can download free via the downloads tab at top). Check both the Creepout video posted below, the Dominate video had some issue w/ Youtube and it would not post properly, so check it out via the following link: DOMINATE "NO WAY OUT" VIDEO