Tuesday, December 22, 2009


CROWD DETERRENT will be releasing their new EP as an online/digital download ONLY in very early 2010. All new songs. A mix of sounds/styles from the early demos up to the more recent releases.

DOMINATE form Tokyo Japan will be doing a split online/free release right here on Hard Ass Digital in early 2010. The other band and date of availability will be announced VERY soon so keep your eyes peeled!

ULTIMO BEATDOWN was in the studio over the weekend and got all but finished w/ 8 tracks of rugged-core. UB's new EP will be available via free Digital Download right here in early 2010 and UB will also play a show or two!

RACE RIOT will be doing a split w/ a band TBA in 2010. No idea yet if it will be a 7"/vinyl release or a CD/Digital release.

SUMMER OF HATE 2010 is already in the works. Venue, dates, and some of the initial bands TBA early 2010. SOH will be bigger and better than all the other years 100%


Check it all out here: HARD-ASS RECORDS DIGITAL BLOG 2010 will be a big year on the Hard Ass Digital site! Please check back often as the radio player will only be updated/added to more and more... as well as new downloads, interviews, and much, much more!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


"They're not working for Santa anymore!" that's the tag line used for this ultra obscure  and ultra wacky 80's X-Mas horror treat. it has been a while since I did any horror movie stuff, but it's Christmas and I thought this was the perfect gift so here we go!

Grizzly Adams himself stars as the Santa at a local mall who runs afoul of a girl  working at said mall who is involved in some kind of mysterious modern day Nazi plot. it seems that she was selectively bred (her grandfather banged his own daughter to give birth to the perfect girl) to mate with the nazi's ultimate creation: ELVES! I kid you not! Supposedly if the Elves bang this girl on a certain night (Christmas) she will give birth to the ultimate human being and this action will bring aboutt "The Master Race" that the nazis had been dreaming of since Hitler.

But hold on, Santa has something to say about this! There's gun-play, horse-play, incest, and wacky monster elves galor! One not to be missed due to the sheer absurdity of the subject matter at hand. What better way to spend a cold, Christmas night than watching this wonderful gift?


Grizzly Adams interrupts Christmas Dinner to find out the TRUTH about Elves!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Unless you are deaf, you noticed that there's a streaming app that randomly plays songs on the blog now. We will be tinkering with this, adding new songs/playlists from time to time. We will play any hardcore/punk music that we see fit. We will put music up that we like, if you'd like to submit your band's music we will be more than happy to check it out, just do not be sad if it doesn't get posted. If you don;t like a song, go to the next one, maybe you'll like it? Maybe not? We post new stuff as well as classics. As usual, we don't make a dime off any of this. At any rate, we will do our best to bring you lots of quality stuff as always!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ultimo Beatdown's new EP "RUGGED" will be out sometime in 2010 here on the HARD ASS Digital Blog. It will be a free release and will have new material as well as re-recorded material form the Demo and WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS EP. The songs will be more of the same: the mysteries of the universe, hard luck, and work wear will all be covered in detail to a mix of NYHC, beatdown, and stoner rock. Prepare for the Rugged excursion!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here's some news you can use (or not):

CREEPOUT is going to be releasing a full length on NGS RECORDS which has changed ownership from our good friend Jason in Chicago to our good friend Dan in Massachusetts. This will be Creepout's 1st full length after many years of EPs, splits,l and demos. Here is a video of Creepout playing on their recent tour w/ VEGAS and INTEGRITY video as well for you to enjoy:

RACE RIOT played their 1st show on Nov 7th and it was a success. The demo is still available for download via the history on this blog at right. The band will be playing more shows in the future, like the one shown ----> on Dec 4th in Cleveland!

CROWD DETERRENT is in the process of re-mastering/re-engineering all of their studio and demo material. Original Drummer DAVE PIETAK is working on obtaining all of the material and some of
the material will have vocals re-recorded and it will all be re-worked so the songs will all have superior quality. This will be the deinitive Crowd discography. The band has 5 new songs all finished but no idea as of now exactly how/when they will be released. Also, Dave will be re-joining the band on drums and Steve will be playing bass.

That's about all for now. Please feel free to check out the blog history for lots of downloads, interviews, and more!

Monday, October 19, 2009


NJ's SUBURBAN SCUM play straight-up East Coast Hardcore. I was impressed with them when they played at this year's SUMMER  OF HATE. Check out the interview w/ vocalist Ryan below, and also be sure to check out a new track form their upcoming EP "Internal War" via the link below!

HARD-ASS: Tell us about SUBURBAN SCUM: how long ago did the band start? What kind of releases have you done? Where the did the name come from

RYAN: Suburban Scum started in July 2007 as a complete joke. Me and my drummer Sam were at a party and said we wanted to start a NYHC influenced band since that's what we are into. He said what should we call it. I said Suburban Scum. It fit perfect being as me and him are complete scumbags for the most part or were and we are from the suburbs. Im sure tons of people confuse us for a street punk band but that's not the case. Suburban Scum. Scumbags from the suburbs. As easy as I can put it haha. We have done one super shitty demo that will never see the light of day. Then we did another 4 song demo that again will never see the light of day. Then in the summer of 2008 we did a 4 song demo that we passed around everywhere. We have went through tons of member changes and a bunch of stuff so honestly I can't even say we were a real band till about a year ago. Once Jeremy stepped in on guitar we started to take things a little more serious.

HARD-ASS: What message do you want to convey to people with your music?

RYAN: I want people to recognize that were not just another heavy band with no meaning behind it. I am a person who struggles deeply with depression and that will convey through our latest EP that is set to come out in the coming months on RTF records entitled "Internal War". I hate when people write stuff off. Maybe its not your cup of tea but it doesn't hurt to taste it. I want people to read the lyrics in the booklet when they get it and feel some sort of connection to it. If I can get even one person to feel what I'm saying then I can honestly say im happy. Everyone in this band is in it for a reason and its all real. Whether people recognize that or not I can't change. Were doing this for us because it gets us through our week.

HARD-ASS: It is difficult to get people these days into substance, esp when playing in a "heavy" band. Why do you think that is?

RYAN: I think it's because of how many bands out there that just write completely senseless shit with no meaning behind it. Just writing music to pass the time. There are a few bands that get over looked because of this and its a shame.

HARD-ASS: Tell us about the scene in NJ. What are some of the best bands? What is going on socially (if anything).

RYAN: New Jersey scene is divided into three parts. Well 4. North, Central, South, and New Brunswick haha let me explain. The cool thing about new jersey is there a ton of local bands and everyone is basically doing something different so there is something there for everyone. It hit a dead spot for a while. South Jersey would stay in south jersey. Central jersey wouldn't travel out of central jersey, and north jersey would stay in north jersey. In the past year tons of things have changed. It seems like a lot of kids are opening their eyes to bands they wouldn't normally open their eyes to. Whether it be mutual friends or whatever the case is it still rules. More and more kids are starting to come out and support almost every show. Jersey has been known to be very very selfish and picky when it comes to shows because of how many bands come through here but lately it seems people are a little more appreciative. The best venue in NJ is the stelton church in Edison which is literally 10 minutes from my house. Always backs out. Shout outs to AV for putting up with everyones bullshit and booking solid shit there. NJ has a lot to offer and it could only get stronger. There are a lot of bands I like here and I don't want to miss and single anyone out so Ill name my top three...Disaster, Black Kites, and Fleshtemple...

HARD-ASS: What kinda fast food joints do you have in your area that are not everywhere else? If I went to NJ... where would you take me to eat to have the best food experience? 

RYAN: Well everyone creams their pants over the grease trucks so I would probably take you there. Ill tell you what it consists of. Everything horrible that you should only eat once in a while in one sandwich. Fat night...Cheesesteak, mozarella sticks, fries, grease, marinara, all sorts of shit...At least 3,000 calories in one sandwich and it is filled with greatness. A sandwich you can eat and feel like a piece of shit in a good way if that makes any sense. The Grease Trucks in New Brunswick, NJ. Peep it out if you haven't

HARD-ASS: CDs, Vinyl, or Digital Download: which of these formats do you prefer, and which do you think is going to be relevant in the future as far as HC/punk music goes?

RYAN: I honestly like them all and use them all including tape. I think Vinyl is cool for the collectors. Digital Download is good for the internerds and are super helpful. CDS will never go out of style for me as long as cars are still made with CD players. All of these will most likely be used for ever into the future and beyond. Me personally I think Vinyl is the most personal and is just something awesome to hold onto. I'm not a huge vinylhead but I have a few goodies.

HARD-ASS: if you were not involved w/ or never discovered HC what do you think your life would be like/what would you be doing right now?

RYAN: Jesus Christ I honestly have no clue. its been such a big part of my life since I was about 16 or 17 years old that I honestly really have no clue. I would probably be in a lot of trouble. With what only god knows but I would be in trouble. Hardcore has helped me find myself and become a lot more outgoing and passionate. It's the best therapy and the best outlet for me. If I didn't have hardcore I wouldn't be me. Simple as that and I am so greatful to have it as such a huge part in my life. Now more than ever..

HARD-ASS: What are some of the biggest influances on your band musically?

RYAN: Our biggest influence is the world around us and our own lives. We have all hit rock bottom at some point. Physically and emotionally and this band is that outlet. It sounds corny but life is our biggest influence. I constantly make the worst decisions for myself and I almost can't help but do that. I beat myself up over through this band and its a venting tool. Depression can swallow any human being alive. Our main influences are the ups and down's in life.

HARD-ASS: Would you ever participate in a gang-bang?

RYAN: hahaha wild question. Way out of left field. Siked to answer. I mean you only live once. I'll leave it at that. You only live once. Id probably feel super uncomfortable but I mean I'd try it out. If it was like Me Sam and Jeremy and Fingaz I would absolutely do it. Shit would be an experience. A tale the weird uncle tells when hes like fucking 60 and his nephew is growing hair on his nuts and hiding porn mags under his bed. Long story short. Would I? Yes. Would it be weird? Yup. Would it be a cool story? Yup.

HARD-ASS: What bands do you feel are the most relevent band in HC right now?

RYAN: It's been said a million times before but I really think Trapped Under Ice is doing their thing right now. They are constantly putting flawless releases and standing for something. They write heavy music with tons of meaning behind it. One of the top dogs. I think my favorite band in hardcore is Blacklisted and I have a few reasons. They constantly keep re inventing themselves and progressing. I relate with almost everything George writes and I connect with almost every song. That band does not care what is considered "cool" in hardcore and have made quite a name for themselves in the past 5 years. Blacklisted means a lot to me. I actually saw them last night and they blew me away as usual. "Sometimes I wonder if i'll remember names, of the faces that just went away with age." Keep in mind these are my answers and im sure my opinions are a lot differnt then anyone else in the band

HARD-ASS: if you could go back in time and see ONE band in it's "prime", what band would it be, when, and why?

RYAN: I watch the NYHC documentary pretty frequently and I could only imagine being around when Madball, District 9, and Crown Of Thornz were all sharing the stage. There isn't one band that I would want to see. I wish I could go back in time and be apart of that NYHC period. See all the cb matinees you see videos from. I'm truly jealous and catch chills hard all throughout that documentary. IT was truly something special and was a beautiful thing that they had.

HARD-ASS: if you could change ONE thing about the scene, what would you change

RYAN: The attitudes. Mainly the elitist attitudes. Anyone who thinks that they are someone because of who they know or how long they have been around. Everyone should be in that room for the same reason and I don't feel that with some people. It sucks. Nothings perfect and I truly only worry about myself but in that sense it's something that semi bums me out. I try and talk to everyone. Especially the younger guys. Everyone should feel like they are apart of something special and if they don't then they are missing the fucking point. Straight up

HARD-ASS: Any final words? Anything you'd like to add?

RYAN: Be on the lookout for the internal war EP coming out on RTF records very very soon. Shout outs to all the NJHC heads and bands doing their thing, all our dogs out in Brooklyn, everyone keeping it real. Also my homie Steve Schramm. 1 love. Jah bless.-R.D.T.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just in time for Halloween! We are happy to bring you 4 NEW Tracks from The AMERICAN WEREWOLVES upcoming album! Some of these songs were originally from THE COFFIN BROTHERS ep. Download the 4 songs for FREE via the link below and enjoy!




Saturday, October 10, 2009


Race Riot is an angry, violent punk band from North East Ohio. This band is anti-racist. This band believes that punk and hardcore music should be violent and dangerous. The demo is available for free download via the link below:

Click to Download RACE RIOT "CREW LIFE DEMO"




Friday, October 9, 2009


The Struggle

THE STRUGGLE was a band from the early 2000's form Youngstown that featured STEVE ASSAULT (Crowd Deterrent), JON BUTTERY, ZACK V (Shelter, Soul Cries, Inner Revolution), BOB DIRENZO, and ANGEL SULLIVAN (Puppet Government). The band played old-fashioned angry, negative hardcore straight out of the 80's, mixing Warzone w/ Black Sabbath. Lyrically the songs were mainly negative in regards to personal struggles/short-comings, plus a few songs about horror movies. The band did a demo, an EP (for Hardcore's Sake), and had 4 songs on the NGS Rceords "Midwest hardcore" compilation. The band played a few shows out of town and mostly shows in the NEOH/Western PA region. They played a mix of punk and hardcore shows. Their style of hardcore would go over well today.

Included here are all the songs the band ever recorded. 18 tracks. The original demo has been re-engineered/re-mastered as well as some of the other songs. Download it for free via the link below:


1. Intro
2. On The Front Lines (demo)
3. Will i Ever Learn? (demo)
4. In The Past (demo)
5. The Struggle (demo)
6. What The Fuck is Going On?
7. Uglier Than Sin
8. Law of The Streets
9. 18 & Life (Skid Row)
10. Evergreen
11. They Live
12. On The Front Lines
13. Will I Ever Learn?
14. What we Have
15. Self-Destruct
16. 245 Trioxin
17. Y-Town Is Our Town
18. The Struggle


I have changed this form a perosnal blog to the official HARD-ASS RECORDS blog. Here is where we will post new HARD-ASS and related releases in the future. Many will be free downloads. Some may cost a few bones. 1st up will be the RACE RIOT demo. We plan on having many more surprises in the future!

All the old posts form the ASSAULTED Blog will remain up for you to check out if you'd like.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


DEMONWARP is one of the most absurd movies ever made.

This is quite a statement to make and I am sure you have heard this all before so just hear me out. I 1st watched Demonwarp on USA's Saturday Nightmares as a kid. I remembered that is was a total monster-mash but not much else. As an adult I re-watched it and my mind was completely blown.

80's horror does not get much wackier than this so buckle your seat belts! We start off with a space ship crashing on earth some 100 or so years ago and some kind of religious guy stumbles upon it. Fast forward to now (which was then 1987) and man (George Kennedy) is in a cabin with his daughter when all of a sudden Bigfoot shows up and takes her away. Next we get a carload of teens going to the same place (did I mention the place is called DEMON WOODS?) trying to investigate the strange goings-ons they had heard about and they run into Mr Kennedy who is roaming the woods in search of the monster that took his daughter. Turns out that Bigfoot is really one of the teen's uncles who disappeared in Demon Woods some time ago and he was turned into Bigfoot by an alien who lives in his crashed spaceship in a cave. Said alien has a robot arm and a scorpion tail and lives in a garbage can (it is supposed to be some robot body I think, but it is obvious it's just a garbage can) and is worshiped by a Satanic priest who sacrifices people to him and feeds it their hearts and then turns the victims into zombies who work on repairing the spaceship. Oh, also if the alien stabs you with it's scorpion tail (which sticks out a slot in the bottom on the garbage can) you turn into a Bigfoot!

Absurdity reigns supreme but this movie is watchable. The sheer volume of things going on is enough to keep you watching till the end. The effects are poor at best with a raggedy Bigfoot suit and sub-par gore. There is also an abundance of naked broads around with bouncing boobies. The end, where the alien is revealed, must be seen to be believed.

This movie is one of my favorites for obvious reasons. It is just so silly and combines so many different aspects into one movie: Bigfoot, Mutants/Aliens, Satanic Sacrifice, The Evil Dead/Cabin In The Woods, Zombies, and more! Sure to grab even the shortest of attention spans, this is one of the most watchable "terrible" movies ever made.

Here's a site that I think you can get the movie from:

Here is the original trailer for DEMONWARP:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In the US we tend to think that our HC is superior to HC in all other nations. Many Americans discount bands form Europe, Japan, or any other country other than the US. But over the years there have been many great bands from other Continents. Today I am going to focus on bands from Japan and introduce you to some bands you may have heard of, and others you may have never heard of. I am going to focus more on the bands which have a modern or NYHC sound. Sure, there are many thrash bands (Lip Cream, etc, etc) which are well known, but many of the bands I am mentioning have a different style and sound which is overlooked in the US for the most part.

NUMB this is Tokyo's longest running and most respected HC band. Starting in the mid 90's, NUMB has held it down in Tokyo and is the premiere HC band. They play a heavy 90's type NYHC sound (think Merauder). Numb has shared the stage with mnay American HC legends over the years. Singer SENTA is well known for his collection of HC shirts... one of the biggest in the world, you name it, he's got it. I have seen magazines which feature him and his shirt collection. I got a book of photography which features fliers form Numb's history, as well as top notch live photography from their shows which is a great documentary book that chronicles the band's music, legacy, and impact on the Japanese scene and even art (their artwork is always top notch). The book is called TIME HAS COME, if you can get a copy, it is a wonderful piece of HC nostalgia which will give those unfamiliar a great look into the world of Japanese HC.


Here's a video which is a preview of the NUMB THC ART BOOK mentioned.

TJ MAXX (aka TERMINAL JUSTICE MAXX) is another of Japan's oldest and most respected HC bands, starting in the early/mid 90's. A staple of Japanese HC. They play a traditional heavy NYHC sound with some more skinhead aspects mixed in some of the material. To Americans the name may sound silly, but their material and legacy speaks for itself.



CREEPOUT is Japan's Holy Terror inspired band. Kunhide (aka Japanese Clevelander) is credited with "bringing Cleveland to Japan". Heavily influenced by Integrity and One Life Crew as far as sound goes. They have come to the US to play a few shows the past 2 years and have made an impression on all who have seen them. For those who are into the Clevo sound, this is a band which has more influence musically form OLC than Integ, but still keeps that Holy Terror vibe.



ETERNAL B is a band out of Tokyo with a really raw early MADBALL/AF mixed with BREAKDOWN feel. Lots of great artwork too... really mixes modern hip hop type stuff w/ traditional NYHC/skinhead imagery to create some great stuff. I was floored when I was given a copy of their LP. Their sound is really angry and raw. This is one of my favorite bands from Japan.

Eternal B's My Space


There are MANY other great bands from Japan. I only highlighted a few. There are bands that p;lay super heavy beatdown HC like DOMINATE and ROCKRIMAZ. There are other traditional sounding bands like GORILLA CROWZ, STILL YOU ALIVE, FACECARZ, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE and many many more bands which are working and playing hard buillding and supporting their scenes in their home towns. Please check out these bands as well as bands form other countries and continents. Like Raybeez sd "UNITED: WORLDWIDE!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ivan is a guy I met while he was touring with Dead Wrong. I was excited to hear his new project UNFORGIVEN. The Ep "LAST OF THE FEW" was solid. Their track on the Reaper Records "MERCY FOR NONE" 7" comp was def the stand-out track. Here are a few questions I asked Ivan for your enjoyment:

For starters, tell us about Unforgiven. Who's in the band? What past bands were they involved in?
Ivan: Unforgiven is Me, Ivan Murillo who sang for Dead Wrong, Jay Aust from With Honor/Ambitions/Hamartia on Guitar and Sean Martin on bass, who also plays in I Rise and the Risk Taken and Greg Thomas on guitar who has plays in the Risk taken and has played in Zombie Apocalypse and Shai Halud. We are in the midst of trying to find an edge drummer right now but Jon, who plays guitar in Crowns of kings and Joe from Pale Horse has been helping us out as of late.

Assault: So is the band a "Straight edge band"?
Ivan: Yes, wed like to keep it that way but if we dont find an edge drummer soon, that may have to fall by the wayside.

Assaalt: What are the main messages you hope to convey with your band? Lyrically, musically, and live?
Ivan: I think our lyrics convey everything from personal experiences to current events to things we find wrong with the scene. We run the gamut.

As far as the HC scene goes, what do you feel are major differences between 2009 and 1997?
Ivan: Well, the advent of filesharing, e-stores and the like have made being a HC kid in 2007 easier for sure and some of that definitely has its pluses and minuses. Im not gonna come out and say that "my time" was better because there is alot of good shit going on in 2009 and HC kids of today have there own preferences and stuff. Somethings have changed for better and for worse.

What was the 1st HC show you ever attended
Ivan: the first HC show I ever attended was in 1994 at the Tune Inn in New Haven Ct. Integrity headlined and I saw two awesome local bands Jasta 14 and Mindwar. I missed Integrity because my friends older brother who took us there said that had a penchant for no showing, so we wound up leaving early. At the time I was just a young buck who had no clue about what I was missing. Looking back on it now, I cant believe I missed a chance to see classic lineup Integrity! So close yet so far!

Connecticut seems to have a large group of people who loved/were influenced by Clevo HC. Why is that?
Ivan: Hmmmm thats a good question. I think we have impeccable taste in music haha who knows? I remember when Fear Tomorrow came out and was really doing the Integrity sounding stuff that it just kinda snowballed from there.

If you had to choose an restaurant to eat your final meal at, which restaurant would it be and what would you order?
Ivan: Wow thats a tuff one! Either Roy Rogers, the meal would be 2 roast beef sandwiches, a holster fry, a 3 piece chicken and a large coke. Or it would be at a good Italian restaurant like Tony Dinapolis in nyc and it would be a huge plate of raviolis and a coke.

Being from CT, and doing a release/being involved w/ Stillborn Records, you had an opportunity to be close to/watch the rise of Hatebreed from just another band on local shows to the biggest band on earth. Any good stories of early Hatebreed shows/dealings with the band/etc?
Ivan: Seeing the rise of Hatebreed from local heroes to International stars was very cool. As far as stories go, there is a great many to think of let me think. Well there was the time at the Webster Theater in Hartford ct in 1997 that they played a show with Earth Crisis and it erupted into a huge riot. The bouncers were being dicks and the kids and the band, Especially Boulder RIP, weren't having it. Next thing you know, total chaos. 10 cop cars out side of the club. The SDS chant from the Death Threat Last Dayz cd is taken from a video of that show. There was just so many Hatebreed gigs that would erupt into violence. It was a scary/fun/exciting time. There was also the time myself and Jay Reason were driving them to the airport to go on their 1st European tour and they missed the flights and wound up cancelling the tour. But before they cancelled they tried to make a run at going so myself, Jay Reason and the band and all there luggage crammed into Jay's Chevy Blazer and it was just dudes sprawled out everywhere. I remember Boulder was behind the wheel and in front it was Jamey with Jay pretty much sitting on his lap. Every time I get the picture in my head of that situation I cant help but laugh haha.

You recently got married and had none other than THE IRON SHIEK come to your bachelor party. What was it like to meet the Shiek? What kinda things did he do at the party?
Ivan: It was cool to meet the Iron Sheik. He told some stories and would curse out people on the phone for you if you asked him too. His handler was there with him and didnt let him get too ill, unfortunately. The best part was when Sheik was reading the raffle numbers. He would just repeat the number his handler told him to say and the way hed say the numbers......you really had to be there but it was a riot.

As far as current bands go, what bands do you feel are relevant bands at this point in time in HC?
Ivan: Id say some of the more well known bands like Blacklisted, Have Heart, Death Before Dishonor, Mongloids,Shipwreck, Mind Eraser and Cold World are all relevent and great. I think there is alot of bands that seem to slip under the radar because kids dont think they are cool enough like Living Hell, Fired Up,Crowns of Kings, Shoot To Kill and COA. Im not saying those bands are not popular because they definitely do good but there is no reason why they shouldnt be up there with the first bands mentioned.

If you had to choose your favorite "type" of pornography, what would it be? (ie: gang bangs/big tits/trannny/cumshot/etc etc)
Ivan: Hahaha great question! I like pretty standard shit. My prefrences are the more amateur low budge style shit. I dont need no storylines or production values ya know? I like pretty standard shit.

What would your wife say if she saw you say that?
Ivan: Hmmmmm I dont know. She would prob not be suprised. I mean Im a dude we all take a peek at porno every once in a while.

Amen. If you had to choose one CT band as your all time favorite which would it be?
Ivan: Id probably go with Hatebreed. The old Hatebreed shows are some of my fondest memories of Hardcore.

If you could bring one historical figure to modern times via time machine (ala Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), who would it be and what would you want to do with said person?
Ivan: That is a great question. I think I would bring back Ben Franklin and just have him tell me about all the shit he did. The guy was a jack of all trades.

You just met a kid who knows nothing at all about HC. What would be the 1st record you would give to them to introduce them to the world of HC
Ivan: I would give them Black Flag- Damaged. That was the 1st HC record I ever heard and to this day remains my favorite record ever. It is hard, angry and abrasive, which is everything good HC should be.

What do you think about the current state of Straight Edge? What has changed about it since you 1st became involved in it?
Ivan: I think the current state of Straight Edge isn't that great. But there are a lot of great edge bands doing there thing but it seems nowadays compared to when I was younger there are less Edge kids then there has ever been. I'm sure there will be an Edge resurgence at some point. Seems these things always go in cycles.

Dead Wrong is doing a show coming up. Dead Wrong's "Hellbomb" is a great early 2000's album. It is currently out of print and difficult to find. Any plans to re-release any of that Dead Wrong material?
Ivan: We would like to re-release it and there have been talks but its been put on hold for the time being. We actually planned on recording a couple new songs for the discog and we will probably do so if it ever happens. We are probably going to play a couple more shows as the year goes on too.

Is there anything else you'd like to say? Upcoming shows/releases/shout-outs/disses etc?
Ivan: Unforgiven has a new song on the Mercy For None comp that just dropped on Reaper Records. It has some great newer bands like Bad Seed, Brick, Alpha and Omega and Naysayer on it. Check that shit out if you can. Also everyone should check out Blackened, Crowns of Kings, Living Hell, Coldsnapct, Phantoms, The Risk Taken and Hostage Calm, who are all from CT if they havent already. Also, Feb 21 and 22 in Waterbury Ct we are having a benefit show for our friend Rob Lotzko who is serving some jailtime right now on a bullshit charge. It is going to be sick. Also wanna shout out to you and Crowd Deterrent and the whole SOSF family. No disses, I gotta keep my shit positive! PMA!

Check Out the following links:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Saturday afternoons were made for trashy movies. When I was a kid I watched every Saturday and saw all kinds of horror movies from the 70's and 80's. One of the movies I remember vividly was GRIZZLY (1976). Not to be confused with NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY (another Cable TV classic).

Grizzly was one of the many movies that were released following the success of JAWS. These horror movies featured monsters that were really just everyday animals. This genre is often called "Nature On The Rampage" or "Nature Run Amuck" or something like that. This genre was a fun one indeed. There were many other great movies like ALLIGATOR, PIRANHA, DAY OF THE ANIMALS, FROGS and many, many more.

The one thing about Grizzly that makes it great is that it is so over the top. The gore is decent for the time, but it is still so unbelievably fake that it is still fun. Most of the movie features attack by a fake bear arm that rips off limbs of it's victims, later scenes feature a real live action bear. In one scene a horse's head is even ripped off! And in a really low scene (even for a movie like this) an innocent little boy (who is playing w/ a bunny) is mauled and has his legs ripped off (ouch!). Usually little kids are at least spared... but not in grizzly! The saving grace I guess is they say that the kid lives (at least "part of him") but it was still pretty low considering. The end takes the cake as a park ranger shoots the 18ft tall bear with a bazooka which blows it up! Whoops! Guess I gave it away... but you probably wanna watch it even more now that you know there's a bazooka involved.

Here's the original trailer for the movie for you to watch if you've never seen this movie before. For those who have seen it, a trip down memory lane. Movies like this are still a great way to kill a boring afternoon. I can't wait till my son is old enough for me to share this junk with him just like my dad did for me. Enjoy!