Wednesday, September 29, 2010


   Shouldn't we all be asking ourselves this question? I think the answers we'd get to this question would be much more profound than the answers we'd find if we asked the same question about Jesus. Besides,  who kept the faith harder than Raybeez? Remember, whenever you cannot find the answer you are seeking,  always ask yourself "WHAT WOULD RAYBEEZ DO?" and put on a Warzone album.The Hardcore Reality will show you the way!

In all seriousness... go listen to any of the live Warzone stuff that is out there. The LIVE @ CBGB 7" still sends chills down my spine and the track that is on the CREEPY CRAWL comp does as well. To this day, if I was going to try and show someone what definitive HC was, I'd show them those recordings. Some of the best stuff ever. I cannot find any links online to download the Creepy Crawl comp, if someone finds it send it my way. But I posted a link for the live @ CB's 7" below.

Here's a link to download the LIVE @ CBGB'S 7": WARZONE LIVE AT CBGB'S