Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night we did our Holiday HC show @ Mr Roboto Project in Pittsburgh. it was just a small show w/ 4 local/regional bands: UNREAL CITY, ENEMY MIND, DEATHRIGHT and our band CROWD DETERRENT. Me and Rob decided this would be a free show for all and we paid the venue out of our own pockets.

We showed up and it looked bleak. When we showed up no one was there @ the advertised start time. Perhaps it was because the show was on a Sunday? Maybe it's because it was literally 5 degrees out? Maybe everyone was busy with Christmas stuff? An hour passed and Roboto began to fill up. By the time we started to play there was probably about 100 people in there and we were relieved.

All the bands killed it and everyone had a good time. People even drank the egg nog (and custard nog!) I set out and some adventurous souls even ate the awful fruit cakes. I got very sick to my stomach before show's end... thanks to an ill advised combination of egg nog and mosh. There was a nice crowd of diverse people who got to see some of the Pittsburgh area's best bands for free. I feel this area is growing stronger and we now have a crop of bands that are just as good as anywhere else in the country. I am pleased with how it turned out and would like to thank the people who came to the show and the bands who played for free.

Have a happy Holiday of Hate!

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