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Interview conducted via e-mail with TUI vocalist Justice. Questions in bold marked ASSAULT. Answers in plain text marked JUSTICE.

Trapped Under Ice is one of the few more recent bands that excite me. They have impressed me on all 3 of their 7" releases as well as the times I was lucky enough to see them live. They are one of the most relevant bands in HC today. I am no Dan Rather, so some of these interview questions are serious and some are not so serious and just for fun. Hope you have fun reading it!

ASSAULT - Tell us what TRAPPED UNDER ICE is for those who may be living under a rock.

JUSTICE - trapped under ice is a hardcore band consisting of 4 gentleman, including myself, from baltimore; and as of a few weeks ago, one gentleman who resides in richmond. together we take influence from what, to us, are the most entertaining aspects of punk rock and hardcore music, to write and perform hardcore our own music.

ASSAULT - You have toured the US and Europe extensively. What were the major differences regarding the US and European HC scenes? What were some of the better bands you saw/played with in Europe?

as much difference as there is playing in europe, its crazy to see how similar hardcore is. however, they definitely do some things differently over there. they always feed the bands in europe. while in the US its a cool bonus, but rarely happens. i would also add that US hardcore shows can be a little more violent.. maybe? but i guess that all depends on where you go in the US.

ASSAULT - Do you feel that people in the US give proper respect to international HC bands like ones form Europe and Japan?

JUSTICE - I dont think they do. like almost at all. which sucks. europeans seem to be aware of a lot of music all over the world. definitely not the case here. people should definitely check out creepout and numb from japan. they are incredibly heavy. it seems that they have a good thing going on over there in tokyo, i cant wait to check it out. also, as far as europe goes, there is some hard shit coming from that way too - born from pain, cheap thrills, cold snap, knuckledust, ninebar, six foot ditch and way too many more to name. we just released a split 7" with a band called dirty money from london. they took us and LOJ on the road with them in europe and they're a great band. they'll be visiting much of the US with us, reign supreme, and full blown chaos in january.

ASSAULT - You recently did a bigger US tour w/ Terror and some other bands in a package. Were there differences in this t
our form the ones you have done when you would just go out alone for a weekend or week?

JUSTICE - the line up was terror, death before dishonor, the warriors, and cdc. it was definitely a lot different on many levels. bigger stages, bigger audiences, a load in time that we actually had to adhere to!! that's some new shit that we werent use to. also, 2 months is a long time on the road. our equipment that we actually did bring broke in 2 weeks, and we would have been fucked but everyone looked out for us. but even with these large differences, one thing remains the same and that was the hardcore mentality that all the bands maintained. all the bands looked out for us in every way. this was our first big thing and we learned a lot, but if we weren't on tour with real hardcore bands we'd have been stuck in the dessert with no van, no equipment, no hope of playing any shows regardless.

ASSAULT - What was the best show on that tour?

JUSTICE - Honestly i would say cleveland was in the top 3. some, not all, of the cities we played before cleveland were a little rough and i kept telling everyone that it was going to change in ohio. i was definitely right. shit was madness. to add to it we have a lot of really good friends in ohio that made the experience that much better. i couldn't pick a single best show.

ASSAULT - What was the most memorable eating establishment you ate at on tour?

JUSTICE - Mikey hoods took us to this incredible spot. i wish i could recall the name. its funny because EVERYONE in california claims to know where the best burritos are, and they're typically wrong. mikey hoods was definitely correct. his spot ruled. otherwise, i mean, not that i need to tour to go there, but chipotle. thats my favorite. we eat there like 3-4 times a week on tour.

ASSAULT - Has anyone in the band ever shit or pissed their pants on tour? If not, any close calls? Graphic detail please.

JUSTICE - best questions. shit happens. i mean its happened on tour. ill have to save the details though!!

ASSAULT - What do you think is the most negative aspect of the current US HC scene?

JUSTICE - kids who dont get out of the house to actually experience hardcore. kids who pretend to be jaded because they think it makes them look cool, because they saw a cool guy on a messageboard and he was hating. must be what cool kids do, right? kids who talk shit on the internet all together. shitty promoters who bail on shows, or dont pay bands. fools that try to make some money for themself for not doing shit. closed minds

ASSAULT - What do you think is the most positive aspect of the current US HC scene?

JUSTICE - having a place to go and learn new things about the world and people. kids who use the internet as a way to promote true hardcore. good promoters, who book reliable gigs and take care of bands. people who contribute. open minds.

ASSAULT - What ONE band has had the most influence on you musically?

JUSTICE - crown of thornz. i think this is kind of an obvious one. its been my favorite band in the world for a decent amount of time now. consciously or not, a band that means that much to you will have a great influence on your music

ASSAULT - Baltimore is one of my favorite places to play/attend a show. For those who do not know, please tell us about the current HC scene in Baltimore MD.

JUSTICE - we've got a good thing going in baltimore. lots of diverse bands. solid venues. young new kids coming out as well as a lot of the guys who've been into it for a while. what i think is cool about baltimore is it seems to breed hardcore kids with open minds. kids will check out and show respect to any bands that are doing there thing. you'll see a lot of the same people at a stout show that you will see when ruiner plays.

ASSAULT - If you could go back in time and score with ANY chick in history, who would it be? Explain yourself!

JUSTICE - tough question. maybe marilyn monroe? she was such a babe. typical answer i guess.

ASSAULT - What do you hope people can take away form your music whether they are listening to your music or seeing your band live

JUSTICE - hardcore lives!

ASSAULT -What is the most difficult aspect of touring in an underground HC band?

JUSTICE - being broke as fuck and coming home to the reality that you're still broke as fuck.

ASSAULT - Do the cu
rrent economic woes have an effect on your band?

JUSTICE - well obvious shit like gas prices and such. luckily gas has gone back down a bit. but definitely the economy effects each of us as individuals, and thats what we are. we're 5 individuals who, as long as we can afford to, come together to write music and play it everywhere possible.

ASSAULT - How do you feel about the current economic & political atmosphere in the US?

JUSTICE - sometimes i feel like i dont have a lot to look forward to in the future. just more obstables in between me and "normal" life. though, i could be ok with that. atleast at 22. not forever.

ASSAULT - If you had never discovered HC music, what do you think you'd be doing with your life right now?

JUSTICE - construction. id like to pretend i would have went to school, but i would have probably quit that regardless.

ASSAULT - What is your all time favorite breakfast cereal?

JUSTICE - lucky charms yo!

- What do you hope to accomplish with TUI in the future?

JUSTICE - one of our main goals when we started this band was to not limit ourselves musically, but take aspects from everything we like to branch out and spread the hardcore message. i dont mean playing pop and playing it off like were still a hardcore band; but having something for most everyone that could be attracted to hardcore music.

ASSAULT - Any last words/shout outs/etc? Say whatever you'd like

JUSTICE - shout out to reaper records, a389, dead and gone records. thanks to KM at rock vegas and mission merch for looking out since day 1. ohio has some of the best spots to play hardcore music in 2008. all my homies in richmond. computers are cool but give them keyboards a break every now and again, and give the mosh pit some special attention. and everyone keep an eye out for that new NAYSAYER shit.

Please be sure to check out TUI when they are on tour. Also be sure to pick up any/all of their releases. If you are into straight up/NYHC it will not disappoint. Baltimore HC has been pumping out some of the best bands in HC for some time... please do some digging to find any/all bands mentioned in this interview and all the others that may not have been mentioned!

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