Wednesday, May 13, 2009


DEMONWARP is one of the most absurd movies ever made.

This is quite a statement to make and I am sure you have heard this all before so just hear me out. I 1st watched Demonwarp on USA's Saturday Nightmares as a kid. I remembered that is was a total monster-mash but not much else. As an adult I re-watched it and my mind was completely blown.

80's horror does not get much wackier than this so buckle your seat belts! We start off with a space ship crashing on earth some 100 or so years ago and some kind of religious guy stumbles upon it. Fast forward to now (which was then 1987) and man (George Kennedy) is in a cabin with his daughter when all of a sudden Bigfoot shows up and takes her away. Next we get a carload of teens going to the same place (did I mention the place is called DEMON WOODS?) trying to investigate the strange goings-ons they had heard about and they run into Mr Kennedy who is roaming the woods in search of the monster that took his daughter. Turns out that Bigfoot is really one of the teen's uncles who disappeared in Demon Woods some time ago and he was turned into Bigfoot by an alien who lives in his crashed spaceship in a cave. Said alien has a robot arm and a scorpion tail and lives in a garbage can (it is supposed to be some robot body I think, but it is obvious it's just a garbage can) and is worshiped by a Satanic priest who sacrifices people to him and feeds it their hearts and then turns the victims into zombies who work on repairing the spaceship. Oh, also if the alien stabs you with it's scorpion tail (which sticks out a slot in the bottom on the garbage can) you turn into a Bigfoot!

Absurdity reigns supreme but this movie is watchable. The sheer volume of things going on is enough to keep you watching till the end. The effects are poor at best with a raggedy Bigfoot suit and sub-par gore. There is also an abundance of naked broads around with bouncing boobies. The end, where the alien is revealed, must be seen to be believed.

This movie is one of my favorites for obvious reasons. It is just so silly and combines so many different aspects into one movie: Bigfoot, Mutants/Aliens, Satanic Sacrifice, The Evil Dead/Cabin In The Woods, Zombies, and more! Sure to grab even the shortest of attention spans, this is one of the most watchable "terrible" movies ever made.

Here's a site that I think you can get the movie from:

Here is the original trailer for DEMONWARP:

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