Friday, October 9, 2009


The Struggle

THE STRUGGLE was a band from the early 2000's form Youngstown that featured STEVE ASSAULT (Crowd Deterrent), JON BUTTERY, ZACK V (Shelter, Soul Cries, Inner Revolution), BOB DIRENZO, and ANGEL SULLIVAN (Puppet Government). The band played old-fashioned angry, negative hardcore straight out of the 80's, mixing Warzone w/ Black Sabbath. Lyrically the songs were mainly negative in regards to personal struggles/short-comings, plus a few songs about horror movies. The band did a demo, an EP (for Hardcore's Sake), and had 4 songs on the NGS Rceords "Midwest hardcore" compilation. The band played a few shows out of town and mostly shows in the NEOH/Western PA region. They played a mix of punk and hardcore shows. Their style of hardcore would go over well today.

Included here are all the songs the band ever recorded. 18 tracks. The original demo has been re-engineered/re-mastered as well as some of the other songs. Download it for free via the link below:


1. Intro
2. On The Front Lines (demo)
3. Will i Ever Learn? (demo)
4. In The Past (demo)
5. The Struggle (demo)
6. What The Fuck is Going On?
7. Uglier Than Sin
8. Law of The Streets
9. 18 & Life (Skid Row)
10. Evergreen
11. They Live
12. On The Front Lines
13. Will I Ever Learn?
14. What we Have
15. Self-Destruct
16. 245 Trioxin
17. Y-Town Is Our Town
18. The Struggle

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