Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here's some news you can use (or not):

CREEPOUT is going to be releasing a full length on NGS RECORDS which has changed ownership from our good friend Jason in Chicago to our good friend Dan in Massachusetts. This will be Creepout's 1st full length after many years of EPs, splits,l and demos. Here is a video of Creepout playing on their recent tour w/ VEGAS and INTEGRITY video as well for you to enjoy:

RACE RIOT played their 1st show on Nov 7th and it was a success. The demo is still available for download via the history on this blog at right. The band will be playing more shows in the future, like the one shown ----> on Dec 4th in Cleveland!

CROWD DETERRENT is in the process of re-mastering/re-engineering all of their studio and demo material. Original Drummer DAVE PIETAK is working on obtaining all of the material and some of
the material will have vocals re-recorded and it will all be re-worked so the songs will all have superior quality. This will be the deinitive Crowd discography. The band has 5 new songs all finished but no idea as of now exactly how/when they will be released. Also, Dave will be re-joining the band on drums and Steve will be playing bass.

That's about all for now. Please feel free to check out the blog history for lots of downloads, interviews, and more!

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NGS said...

Thanks for the kind words Steve, and for everything else!

If anyones interested, I have a track from the Creepout full-length up on the NGS myspace

Really looking forward to the new Crowd Deterrent. Outcast Mentality is one of the greatest HC songs I've ever heard. And you know me, I have nothing good to say about anything haha.