Sunday, December 20, 2009


"They're not working for Santa anymore!" that's the tag line used for this ultra obscure  and ultra wacky 80's X-Mas horror treat. it has been a while since I did any horror movie stuff, but it's Christmas and I thought this was the perfect gift so here we go!

Grizzly Adams himself stars as the Santa at a local mall who runs afoul of a girl  working at said mall who is involved in some kind of mysterious modern day Nazi plot. it seems that she was selectively bred (her grandfather banged his own daughter to give birth to the perfect girl) to mate with the nazi's ultimate creation: ELVES! I kid you not! Supposedly if the Elves bang this girl on a certain night (Christmas) she will give birth to the ultimate human being and this action will bring aboutt "The Master Race" that the nazis had been dreaming of since Hitler.

But hold on, Santa has something to say about this! There's gun-play, horse-play, incest, and wacky monster elves galor! One not to be missed due to the sheer absurdity of the subject matter at hand. What better way to spend a cold, Christmas night than watching this wonderful gift?


Grizzly Adams interrupts Christmas Dinner to find out the TRUTH about Elves!

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